Sunday, July 22, 2018

Notes from Nancy: Meditation, Craft Cards and Gifting

I decided to do the cards after reading a book called "Bliss More" How to succeed in Meditating Without Really Trying by Light Watkins. It's a book about how to meditate and provides a very easy way to meditate.
So for the last 5 weeks every day, I've been meditating.  It is a kind of miracle for me to do anything that regularly.  I've decided to meditate many times and then never made it past a couple of times.  Part of what the author suggests is an exchange to do in thanks for the meditation.  You are supposed to do something that is meaningful and a bit 
difficult for you in exchange for the meditation- If you have a teacher who you are learning from you might make your exchange of gifts with them. If you are doing it on your own,  it could be a donation of money to a charity or doing something for someone  or group of someones (who are not someone/something you might do anyway.)  I thought about it a lot and decided to create cards and write in them for every person at Friends Care; our local nursing home.  It's been fun. I asked Corrine if she wanted to join in and do some too. and being a wonderful "yes" person she did!

Love Nancy

Thanks Nancy I am glad you asked me. I hope the residents at Friends Care enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Handing Over "Peeps In the Park Project" to Village Artisans

Since I am moving it felt like it was time for us to hand over our project. Nancy and I would like to thank Village Artisans for stepping in and taking it over. It will be exciting to see what comes next on the walls of this happy corner in Yellow Springs ♥

About the Project
Dayton Street, Yellow Springs, ohio
We initially called it the Pub Alley Project back in 2010 with the purpose being our
continued effort to showcase local art. We chose the alley by the Gulch specifically due to its location, its visibility with foot traffic coming from Corner Cone down to Corry Street and opposite Village Artisans.
Due to unforeseen issues the location had to be changed last minute and much thanks to the owner of the building on the corner of Corry and Dayton Street who kindly lent support to us installing 14 large painted plywood panels to the exterior walls of Village Artisans.

Series One
 Karen Russell, Elizabeth Zaff, Claire Bayraktaroglu, Corrine Bayraktaroglu, Jennifer Float, Leah Grommon ,Kathy Moulton , Nancy Mellon, Alice Young-Basora, Michael Fleishman, Talitha Greene, Cynthia McDonald, Sue Brezine located in the art park at the corner of Corry and Dayton Street, in Yellow Springs, Ohio 

Series Two
jafagirl public art project

Dayton Street Side
Lucas Zaff, Travis Tarbox Hotaling, Talitha Greene, Sue Brezine, Corrine Bayraktaroglu, Sandi Sharp,  Libby Rufolf

Corry Street Side
 Nancy Mellon, Leah Grommon, Cynthia McDonald, Alice Basora ,Kathy Moulton, Jennifer Float
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JafaWorkz Collective

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

In the Jafagirl ArtBox: Superdog

Well last Tuesday Nancy needed to get stripes out of her system and we did the lamp posts.
  This Tuesday I had an urge to change out the Art Box on Corry Street and use a funny glass dog I found in a local charity shop. As with a lot of things we do

it was very SPUR of the moment and over a cup of tea and general chin wagging there was the A HAH! let's make a superdog.
So after a bit felt and glue, pen and paper,  windex to clean the lucite front
LOL! Nancy matches the planter below our art box too. It's a very stripey day.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

People Who Accidentally Dress Like Their Surroundings in Yellow Springs, Ohio

15+ People Who Accidentally Dressed Like Their Surroundings

How many times have you walked into a building, only to find that your clothing perfectly matches the d├ęcor? Do you dream of finding others that have also experience this most unusual phenomenon? Well now you can, with Spishak's..wait, no, with this list from Bored Panda!

I remember seeing the above link on Bored Panda and thinking it so funny. Well it happened in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Nancy has been itching to put white stripes on these street lamps on Dayton Street for a couple of years now and finally today I obliged.  Much  thanks to Barbara at Village Artisans for helping out with the top two bands of felt on each pole. So I was taking a few pics and well this happened. 
people who accidentally dress like their Surroundings

Monday, August 21, 2017

Jafagirl Fond Farewell to Yellow Springs, Ohio

jafagirlsAfter 15 wild and wacky years of art mischief in Yellow Springs, Ohio with the jafagirls it is time to say a very fond farewell.
I am moving out of state early 2018, and it's not to get away from Nancy, to be nearer my granddaughter. The blog will remain, as will the jafagirl spirit from afar, and who knows what the future will bring. Can I really stay away from Yellow Springs ;) Nancy has kidnapping me in mind, hah!
Here is what I want to say to all those dear people who supported us from near and far, to those jafapals that joined us, to those who tolerated us thank you, and thank you from the bottom of my heart
To you my dear Nancy, I love you. It's been an amazing journey and you shall be missed very very dearly ♥

Nancy's commitment to the arts community continues as well as our work with the Yellow Springs Arts Council Permanent Collection.


Friday, May 5, 2017

JafaFUN: Hanging Around Artists is Inspiring

We've been busy this week visiting Village Artisans Artist Ann Bain and a recent newcomer to our village in Yellow Springs, Brian Mollar.  Anne will be the next artist featured on our POWA blog and what a fun visit, along the way I also got to see a 2 futuro houses (how cool is that) near Ann's house.  Brian Millar is finishing up a 16 foot painting that he donated to the Presbyterian Church on Xenia Avenue. 

We also helped Beth Holyoke find just the right spot for her beautiful ceramic art in the Yellow Springs Permanent Collection currently showcased at Antioch University Midwest. Here piece is titled
"Family of Refugees"
ceramic, gold paint

The broken image of a small family represents so many, they, like hundreds of thousands more are on their way, to an uncertain road to a new life. Their old world is gone.

Beth and her friend Kaethi spent a month working in a refugee camp in Greece.

So many wonderful and inspiring artists to meet in our wee Village.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lost Bear and Breast Cancer Exhibit

Lost Bear is my muse, my little scruffy found bear that somehow get's his own place in a show about Cancer. Nancy and I worked HOURS getting this up. Looks simple enough but there was a lot of groaning, and replacing, and arranging, gluing and nailing. By the time we were finished the first day getting the show up we both crawled home with that "don't even go there or ask me or anything" kind of a LOOK. Anyway back to why circles.
When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last year all I saw was circles and boobs, kind of like pareidolia but with boobs lol.

Lost Bear's Boobtastic cuddlefest with Yarnbombing Boobs and Knit A Tits

I would like to say I originated the term Knit a Tit but after checking the almighty oracle, google, well there is a GREAT group called Knitted Knockers already knitting them, NOT for yarnbombing though. Check and you will see why I need a boobie tree.

Thanks for the great news articles

More about the show next time