Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lost Bear's Boobtastic cuddlefest with Yarnbombing Boobs and Knit A Tits

toy photography, yarnbombing, breast cancer
I would like to say I originated the term Knit a Tit but after checking the almighty oracle, google, well there is a GREAT group  called Knitted Knockers already knitting them, NOT for yarnbombing though.
Check my link and you will see why I need a boobie tree.

Thanks to Gale Zucker for the word boobtastic ♥  So what is a jafagal to do eh!  
WHY YARN/Craft bomb a tree of course, RIGHT next to my mailbox.  

Much Thanks to Bosom Pals 
for my textile/craft tata's

Nancy Mellon
Susan Gartner 
Beyhan Springborn
Carla Steiger
Joanne Caputo
Maxine Scuba
Karen Jane Russell
The fabulous Zsa Zsa
Holly Underwood 
Kirsty Robson
Marianne Rabb Britton
Sondy Kai
Betty Kelly and Pals
Gary Pierson
Joan Horn
Knitted Knockers (breast cancer support org)
knitted prosthetics

Lost Bear modeling fab crochet from
DS pal of ferdie at the curb club


  1. Looks great, Corrine. I love it! I made about 50 more,I will send them shortly.