Friday, October 13, 2017

Handing Over "Peeps In the Park Project" to Village Artisans

Since I am moving it felt like it was time for us to hand over our project. Nancy and I would like to thank Village Artisans for stepping in and taking it over. It will be exciting to see what comes next on the walls of this happy corner in Yellow Springs ♥

About the Project
Dayton Street, Yellow Springs, ohio
We initially called it the Pub Alley Project back in 2010 with the purpose being our
continued effort to showcase local art. We chose the alley by the Gulch specifically due to its location, its visibility with foot traffic coming from Corner Cone down to Corry Street and opposite Village Artisans.
Due to unforeseen issues the location had to be changed last minute and much thanks to the owner of the building on the corner of Corry and Dayton Street who kindly lent support to us installing 14 large painted plywood panels to the exterior walls of Village Artisans.

Series One
 Karen Russell, Elizabeth Zaff, Claire Bayraktaroglu, Corrine Bayraktaroglu, Jennifer Float, Leah Grommon ,Kathy Moulton , Nancy Mellon, Alice Young-Basora, Michael Fleishman, Talitha Greene, Cynthia McDonald, Sue Brezine located in the art park at the corner of Corry and Dayton Street, in Yellow Springs, Ohio 

Series Two
jafagirl public art project

Dayton Street Side
Lucas Zaff, Travis Tarbox Hotaling, Talitha Greene, Sue Brezine, Corrine Bayraktaroglu, Sandi Sharp,  Libby Rufolf

Corry Street Side
 Nancy Mellon, Leah Grommon, Cynthia McDonald, Alice Basora ,Kathy Moulton, Jennifer Float
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JafaWorkz Collective

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