The Jafagirls(Nancy and Corrine aka Jafabrit)  have been yarnbombing since 2007 with the first being the Knit Knot Tree on Xenia Avenue which drew international attention..When the knit knot tree covering was removed we recycled some of it and started the Dayton Street Project, covering many of the trees, poles and benches on that street. To date we have done at least 80 yarnbombs mostly in and around Yellow Springs, with a few in Ann Arbor MI, Hershey PA, South Bend IN,  and one in Taiwan.
Disclaimer: Not one single tree, pole, or bench has been damaged in the process of craft or yarnbombing nor taxpayers money used to remove  them.

Yarnbombing from 2007 -2012
October 2013

August 2013
Yarnbombing and Spray Paint 2009   featured on Oddee:
Snowflake Tree 2010

Knit Knot Tree 11 (Jafaworkz Collective)

and yes that is a REAL cop who is helping us Yarnbomb.
Now immortalized in the YS-opoly game Get of of Jail Free card.  

Knit Graffiti in Yellow Springs
Great Video by Susan Gartner
Reusing OLD Knit Graffiti
Storybox Project using recycled pieces from the Knit Knot Tree

Auction piece for the Tecumseh Land Trust with knitted pieces off the knit knot tree, scrap felt and beads.

Breaking a Fallacy
They should use yarn for more worthy causes like the homeless.”
Does this rule apply to all the materials an artist/crafter uses, or just yarn?
It’s a noble idea, it really is, BUT unfortunately an antiquated one that not only does a disservice but  doesn’t address the real needs, such as one shelter that had toilet paper at the top of their list.   While it’s lovely and important to donate knitted items to specific organizations who want knitted items homeless shelters/homeless have much more pressing needs (safe place to sleep, to wash, moneysleeping bags, thermal blankets, diapers, food , clean sock , for example). Most online organizations have a priority needs list. Here is a  general list for Homeless Shelters which highlights the priority needs for donations . Professional Clothing and textiles are of particular importance.  According to Charity guide“Collectively, Americans discard two quadrillion pounds (that’s a two with fifteen zeroes) of used clothing and textiles into the landfills each year.”  The charity guide states they need professional clothes and shoes, wraps for burial, specialty clothing.  Here is another list of how to support the homeless in your community (call your local shelter/org  first and check out their priority list of needs).
Please don’t ASSume that knit graffiti artists haven’t  already found a way to help the homeless in a way that serves THEIR needs best.
Questions That Often Come Up
Worried Knitting Will Damage Tree?    To date there is no evidence that any trees have been damaged due to yarnbombing, however there is evidence that burning oil to generate electricty  damages some trees, along with fertilizers/pestisides and salty compounds used on sidewalks, roads and highways during the winter.
Perhaps the person who left this comment on youtube “That yarn will kill the tree use your head the bark needs sunlight and O2.” could spend a little time learning about the needs of different trees ahem! and tree bark health, such as this article about trees being exposed to sun and  sunburn“There are quite a few sunburned tree trunks in Oregon forests, even in landscaped yards.” Info about Tree Wrapping
Don’t they have anything better to do?
You mean like hit a ball with a stick for hours on end, or watch a car go round and round and round a track, watch tv all night, play video games, read magazines, or sit in a smoke filled casino for hours on end ;)
What happens when the knitting gets wet? It dries
What happens when the yarnbombing gets old?  We take it down, wash and recycle what we can for other yarnbombs or other projects (such as  the watering can for a charity auction or the traveling storybox).
Some yarnbombers take down old yarnbombs and make into blankets for dog shelters :How to Donate Blankets and Towels to Dog Shelters
What if feels like to be homeless:  Unless you have gone through it it’s hard to know.  The first priority is to have a safe place to sleep, a safe place to get washed, clean clothes (especially business type clothes for going to job interviews)/decent shoes, and food.


  1. I love your defense of yarn bombing. Honestly, silly people who think yarn bombing is a waste needs to read it.

  2. Just like ' banksy' it promotes comment without the high price tag, is that because its' just knitting' and done mainly by women?

  3. Super! Greetings from Poland! <3