Just Another F$%#@*g Artist (dirty dirty- it can mean fab, fine, fickle, or female ya know ; )

We are two best friends who  get together every week (for the past 8 years) for a bit art fun.
Corrine aka Jafabrit
 is a full time artist that hails from Newcastle Upon Tyne  in England.
 Corrine is a community art activist and runs the Yellow Springs Arts Blog that features arts around the Yellow Springs community and is admin for the Yellow Springs Arts Exchange on Fb. Corrine also runs the  Free Art Friday Blog that showcases artists from around the world leaving  free art out in public any given Friday.
Member of the YS Arts Council Permanent Art Collection Steering Committee.
Nancy Mellon
 is also a full time artist and community arts activist/volunteer and is the  gallery coordinator for the Arts Council Gallery and member of the curator of the YS Arts Council Permanent Collection steering committee.

Talitha Greene, aka JafaT is a long time jafapal and cohort.

Talitha is a wildlife photographer/Jewelry designer, Truck Driver and a self described BINGE artist. Her work can be seen at Rita Caz, Glen Helen Nature Shop, Glen Garden Gifts &n Flowers, and Town Drug in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Some of our collaborative projects

Knit Knot Tree Two - Karen Jane Russell, Pierre Nagely, Teresa Stetler-Clear, Johanna Smith
Free Art Fridays 2008 - Talitha Green, Deb Housh, Jennifer Float
Peeps in the Park -  a public art project by the jafagirls featuring the work of Karen Russell, Elizabeth Zaff, Claire Bayraktaroglu, Corrine Bayraktaroglu aka jafabrit, Jennifer Float, Leah Grommon ,Kathy Moulton , Nancy Mellon, Alice Young-Basora, Michael Fleishman, Talitha Greene, Cynthia McDonald, Sue Brezine
 How the Jafagirls Got Started
It all started in 2005 when another friend and I (Corrine aka Jafabrit) had a joint art reception. We were pouting because hardly anyone showed up despite all the usual methods of advertizing and a nice review by Jud Yalkut in the Dayton City Paper. My husband in a an effort to soothe with a bit humour  jokingly remarked, “Well  it's Saturday night, in the middle of nowhere and they probably think your just another bunch of  Jafa’s having an exhibit." When he told us what jafa meant we  burst out laughing and decided to embrace it and  do things a little differently from now on.

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