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In Oct 2007 Nancy Mellon and Corrine Bayraktaroglu were organizing a Street Themed Art Stroll Event for the Yellow Springs Arts Council. We were creating demos and examples of street art and were inspired by the work of a group called Knitta . Nancy had some spare knitted pieces and so we yarn bombed the tree outside the venue for the Art Stroll  Event. The two original pieces of knit graffiti stayed up for 5 months. In Feb 2008 it was decided it was looking lonely. Out came our old knitting needles and unused wool/yarn and we got knitting. It was named the KnitKnot Tree by JoAnn Mckee (President of the Yellow Springs Arts Council) who added some of her own knitting. We have also received  donated pieces from the public, and there have been  additions by persons unknown.  We would love to hear from those of you who have added to the tree so we can thank you for helping add a little sunshine during the cold glum days of winter.

Associated Press "Knitters Dress Up Trees for Public Art""Knit Knot Tree Finds Fame" Yellow Springs News
"Local Artists Knit Tree Sweaters" 
Xenia Gazette
"Knitters beat MGM Mirage in PUblic Art Media Blitz" Aesthetic Grounds Art Journal

In Touch Magazine #13 March 2008 People in the News pg74

Thank you for sharing your knitted pieces
Claire Bayraktaroglu, Ann Bain,
 JoAnn McKee, Jean Adams

To see a truly exquisite example of a tree sweater/cozy please visit 
Carol Hummel  whose tree sweater remained up for 2 years and 9 months
This delicate 
Tree doily by Janet Morton
Tree Sweaters on the NCSU Campus
A charming tree sweater and pattern  on 
RedShirt Knitting

For those wondering why
Well it's simple really.
Because we can, because it's fun,
because it makes people smile,
because it brightens up a dreary winter's day,
because children go ooooooh!aaaaaaaah!
Life is too short to be getting yer knickers in a knot

For those concerned about the health of the tree.Bradford Pear
We have talked to a number of professionals (including Arbor Care) who have assured us that the tree sweater will not harm the tree.
It is slated to be removed on
 Arbor Day .

For those concerned about what we will do with the yarn after the tree sweater is removed.
More than likely we will do what we normally do with our art materials, recycle and reuse  in another piece of art. 
However for those who would like to see some of the knitted pieces donated please contact us so you can collect the pieces and donate to a charity of your choice.
Knitting for the Homeless Compassion Knit
Knitting for Soldiers
List of Knitting Charities and Donations from Interweave Knits
Project Linus-providing security blankets to seriously ill/traumatized children
Snuggles Project provides knitting or crochet for pets in animal shelters

About the News
It's been quite intriguing and interesting reading the reactions to this story across the country and the world. I thought it would be fun to address a few of those comments and questions.

Don't they have anything better to do?You mean like hit a ball with a stick for hours on end, or watch a car go round and round and round a track, or sit in a smoke filled casino for hours on end playing poker ;)
They should use yarn for more worthy causes like the homeless.
So, err, does that apply to all the materials an artist/knitter/crafter uses?
Hum, has everyone worldwide been informed of this policy regarding the use of yarn?
Breaking a FallacyIt is not only a weak argument it also a false one.  While it is lovely to donate knitted items to specific organizations who want knitted items homeless shelters have more pressing needs. It seems disingenuous for someone to claim any time spent on knitting should be donated with little regard to the real needs requested by homeless shelters. Here is a general list for Homeless Shelters which highlights the priority list for donations .
According to Charity guide"Collectively, Americans discard two quadrillion pounds (that's a two with fifteen zeroes) of used clothing and textiles into the landfills each year."
What homeless women/families need, according to charity guide,are professional clothes and shoes, wraps for burial, specialty clothing, not some handmade knitted sweater, or socks or scarves (and frankly how useful are knitted donations in hot weather locations) .
Meanwhile for those in Yellow Springs Ohio who wish to donate clothing and shoes, keep your eyes open for the yellow donation bins located throughout the village.

Please don't presume that knit graffiti artists haven't  
already found a way to help the homeless in a way that serves THEIR needs best.
It isn't original. 
Nobody claimed it was! 
They should spend more time working on more serious issues.
How do you know we don't?
Don't they know there's a war going on?Naw! really! You mean all this time my son was in the marines I had noooooooo idea.
What a stupid idea!
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