Sunday, November 20, 2016

Yarnbombing for the Art Show and Salem Avenue Peace Corridor

It was a glorious day in Dayton and after our tour at the PBS station we all piled into the van and headed down to the corner of Salem Avenue and W Riverview Ave.
Ode to Kehinde Wiley
Ann Rotolante Producer at  The Art Show
Originally Nancy and I were only going to do one installation with the blue butterflies but we decided to do three. Jule and Treva were there to greet us and we thought it would be great if Jule Rastikis installed the butterflies for the Salem Avenue Peace Corridor seeing as he is the president. Don't you love Ann's hair, matches our butterflies. 
One of the most fun parts of doing installations like this is the reaction of people walking by and we got hugs from two people who LOVED the butterflies.  We attached them (err, the butterflies not the two people) to a thin mesh and when the wind blows, and boy does it blow on that corner, they flutter which makes them even more cool.
This is Tiki
who was happy to get one of the butterflies.
Nancy is installing the third craftbomb with Richard the Cameraman aka sweetpea getting an  such an extreme close up I thought the camera would swallow her up. 
To learn a little about the Salem Avenue Peace Corridor check out the video.

and their facebook page.

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