Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Jafagirls at the Yellow Springs Arts Market

jafagirls in Yellow Springs Ohio
Jafa T, and Jafa B will be at the YS ART Market on Saturday , don't know where Nancy will be, hum! Maybe she will be dropping by with Bitty. We have jewellry, prints, wee paintings, studio art/craft supplies, and some odd items that will make you go HUM!

Yellow Springs Arts: September YS ARTS Market

Friday, August 14, 2015

Local Inspiration Exhibit at Village Artisans

wrapped and decorated sticks Our decorated bamboo sticks are currently on exhibit and for sale at the Village Artisans Gallery in Yellow Springs. The exhibit is called "Local Inspiration" and they will be having their reception on Friday August 21st from 6:00-9:00pm. Gallery is at 100 Corry Street. For more info please visit their blog HERE.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Groovy Art Market

The jafagirls are getting up to some arty goodness as usual and this time it's an
inspired by Sandi Sharp
art market in yellow springs ohio
Located here MAP


spin painted recycled vinyl records
Painted animal skulls, paintings, resin prints, spin art

Talitha Greene
Photography, prints, jewellry 

Art and Tattoo Art

Along with groovy art will be a few SALE items such as coffee table art books, art instruction books, a french easel, and other assorted knick knacks.

A BIG shout out and thank you to the 
for their continued support of local artists, and providing a venue for artists to showcase their events or work.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jackson Pollock And The Strange Saga of a Jafagirl Painting

abstract art
 My jafapal, Nancy, and I did this  back in 2006 when Nancy had her Getaways for Women and  created a fun Jackson Pollock workshop.  After posting it online (high res-BIG mistake-never NEVER again) it took off and somehow became attributed to Jackson Pollock, go figure! 
  Just doing a quick reverse image check up I found 247 results.
Many of the results lead to scraper sites/wallpaper sites that offer it for free downloading, and seriously you want risk downloading it?
Can you believe we cut the huge canvas up?   We were going to recycle the pieces into another jafagirl art project.
Still have parts of it around the house.
jackson pollock insipred artwork

It seems many feel they can just freely grab images off the internet and use them however they pretty bloody well please (read here about copyright info). By the way ours was  NOT a copy of anything Jackson Pollock did.

Here are some of the sites using  our image thinking it's an actual pollock painting or abusing our copyright and  using it to promote an event, product, or make a profit from. 

Note: Failure to show a concerted effort to protect your copyright can lead to you losing it. This is why each newly found infringement needs to be addressed.  

has been informed, a dmca notice rejected despite the fact that this image is registered with the US Copyright Office.
is based in China and that says it all when it comes to anyone trying to protect their copyright. The method of filing a dmca notice is complicated and is a game of whack-a-mole

It is now being sold on aliexpress without our permission 

April 2017 and this item is no longer being sold, so either aliexpress chose to do the right thing or the seller stopped selling it, either way we didn't get paid anything out of all the transactions.
Owner removed it from their site and apologized after I contacted him 



Image used with permission at 

Talking Book 

Used for group logo and advertizing/publicity 
dmca notice and now removed



Farrace Studio Di Psicologia


Life is Art in Monte Carlo CONNOISSEUR'S


Image Used with Permission
by Coral Sobrino




Source Site

Image Used with Permission Gusfraba



astract art inspired by jackson pollock


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Decorated Sticks

upcycling, recyclying, bamboo stick art

So what do the jafagirls do when they find a pile of bamboo sticks? 
Why decorate them of course!
Glue √
Beads √
Yarn √
googly eyes √
paint pens √
and away we go.
Summer is here and it's time to have a bit jafagirl fun in the sun (well not too much sun). Now where is my sun block and  tequila sunrise. A girl has got to get her priorities straight, yes!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Chihuly Inspired Public Art Project

The jafagirls  have been 

making what I call the "poor woman's chihuly" inspired public art project. LOVE this project because it meets several criteria, upcyclying, having fun, and public art. This is an ongoing project and already we have hung several outside the Yellow Springs Arts Council.
 Sandi and I are working on a green one

So far we have installed four and will be adding more during the summer. 
Very simple to do and as you can see on this link there is no limit in design.
Lesson Ideas - Chihuly
Of course I would be remiss if I did not include a link to the inspiring and fabulous work of Dale Chihuly

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Street Art: Blue Felt Butterflies

 We did these back in 2012 and installed them outside Bonadies on Xenia Avenue. It's amazing how well they've lasted. For a few months some were installed at the Dayton Art Institute.
The Merry Dressmaker: Yarn Bombing & Other Fiber and Textile Art at DAI
 then back on Dayton Street for a while.
In 2014 they were displayed in the  Springfield Museum of Art 
Springfield Art Museum
Now they are back on Dayton Street outside 
Atomic Fox (and if you pop in tell the owner you like the blue butterflies and you might just get a discount) I was recently asked by a tour group to Yellow Springs how long the textile installations last. My answer is that it depends on the kind of dye and quality of the yarn or felt. In this case while the blue felt has lost its vibrancy, they are still a pretty blue and in good shape even after 3 years being mostly outdoors through rain, snow and sun. Oh, I forgot, yes Nancy put then through the washing machine once. Still looking good eh!
So if you are visiting Yellow Springs, Ohio keep your eyes open for more blue butterflies. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Work for Sale by the Jafagirls

Recently I had two enquirers about buying our work, of course they only can pay with bank transfer/cashiers cheque, and they need the work for a new apartment ;) You know where this is heading right?

We do have work for sale and any buyers of course are most welcome to visit the below establishments or contact them.
They will gladly answer any questions regarding our work and payment arrangements.

Nancy is at Village Artisans
Corrine is represented by Sherly Kostic at  In a Frame
Talitha has work at Glen Helen Gift Shop
and currently
Talitha and I have work in the 
#ysgram exhibit at the Yellow Springs Arts Council Gallery