Monday, November 26, 2012

A jafagirl is SHAMELESS

Yep, jafabrit, BLUSH! is in Margot Potter's newest book as one of the Shameless one's. 
Margot has this wonderful way of writing, which is as fun as she is, and SPOT ON with tips and advice about marketing and branding.
To be honest I wasn't quite sure how I was going to fit in with the theme of the book. I am not selling my work online or marketing a product. I guess I just take some things for granted and it hadn't really occurred to me that the jafagirls have become a brand. It wasn't planned that way. I admit it. I do enjoy shamelessly  promoting the arts, but mine is more altruistic in nature. Which is not to say I don't toot my own horn now and again. I'm doing that right now, yes ;)
 I love creating art, talking about it and sharing it, and that includes running an art blog highlighting the arts/artists in Yellow Springs, Free Art Friday around the world and of course the jafagirls. 

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