Friday, January 20, 2017

Viva La Vulve and The Craftivism Sisterhood

This wasn't a jafagirl project BUT we are all jafagirls at heart and a sisterhood in the art of craftivism ;) Can't remember whose idea it was (yes wait it was Kate) but somehow we decided that since none of us can go to the protest in DC, we can stay home and do something. So for a couple of days we sewed vulva ornaments to be
placed on a tree for the inauguration. Since nobody could be arsed to get up early enough in the morning to festoon a tree with felt vulva art we met 10pm last night instead. Dressed like ninjas all in black and fussing about we were like the flippin' marx brothers in Duck Soup. I tell you we couldn't get them up fast enough.  Dam! Karen forgot her fags so we could just light up, lean against the car and look all nonchalant like if the cops drove by. A car is coming,dang  is it a cop car, look normal. No, phew! So 
we carry on. Oh shit, is that a cop car. Dang, yes it is. Quick act normal ladies. Drives slowly by but good he's passing right by. Did he see me wave? Cruiser stops a few yards away and waits for a min. Shoot is he coming back, what's he doing, phew! he's going. Hurry, says Kate, who swears he will circle around. I say, naw, really! I don't think so.  Well we will just have to say hello and ask him if he wants to help;)

He never did pass by again and after 15 mins we were happily on our way home secure in the

knowledge that some people will get a kick out of our wee protest art. On the other hand many may not even know what the heck they're  supposed to be.
Please take NOTE: Our tree installation was not designed to represent ALL women. It was designed to represent OUR feelings as three cis women, who were objecting to the inauguration of a cis male who bragged about grabbing cis women by their privates.


'Pussyhat' knitters join long tradition of crafty activism - BBC News

Donald Trump is causing a yarn shortage in the United States, where many Americans just can't get their hands on worsted fuschia pink - because many of the world's knitters are using it to protest against the incoming president.

I have to think Britain's First Feminist, Mary Wollstonecraft, would have been proud. 
Meanwhile in Boston Yarnbombers have added 'pussyhats' to the Make Way for Ducklings statues. Not to be left out Lost Bear has joined in and has his very own hat too.


  1. Are these still hanging up?

    1. Yes, although I am not sure there are as many left. Haven't really checked on it.