Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Art Show and Art Mischief by the Jafagirls

Finally got to see the show that was aired earlier in January and really think the producer and film crew did a fantastic job. Somehow out of a full day of blithering on they edited and managed to really convey how we feel about supporting the arts in our wee community. Hope you enjoy having a peek at what makes us tick.

Watch now: The Art Show | Season 6, Episode 2 | ThinkTVNetwork Video

The Jafagirls of Yellow Springs use craft activism to raise awareness of social issues. We visit the Cohen Film Collection in Columbus, where modern technology is being used restore and preserve rare movie classics. The 442s in St. Louis fuse classical music and jazz. Watch online: Season 6, Episode 2 from The Art Show.

So what's NEXT on the agenda
Other than our regular duties as active members of the Yellow Springs Arts Council and Permanent Collection Steering Committee, we will be working on a new post for POWA!
Preparing work for our Bosom Buddies Exhibit
Nancy has some kind of wild photography idea she wants us to do, hum!
thanks for dropping by

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