Thursday, January 12, 2017

Jafa Journal: Yellow Springs Arts Council and THINKtv Art Show

It seems like it's been a bit quiet around these parts, but behind the scenes it's been go go go, particularly for Nancy who is the gallery coordinator extraordinaire at the Yellow Springs Arts Council.
"Into the Deep" by Nancy Mellon
Yellow Springs Permanent Collection
We are both busy with upcoming exhibits  either at the Yellow Springs Arts Council Gallery or at the Antioch University Midwest Alcove Gallery. 
"Saints of Misinformation" by Corrine Bayraktaroglu
Yellow Springs Permanent Collection
in between our duties at the arts council, we are working on our own upcoming exhibit at the YS ARTS gallery in April called "Bosom Buddies". Which reminds me I better start working on the website page for that.
 Need Coffee. LOTS of coffee
Our segment on the Art Show is airing Jan 15

The Art Show | On Air | ThinkTV

Southwest Ohio is home to strong, vibrant, and thriving arts and cultural communities. The Art Show takes a look at the artists and the art scene in and around Cincinnati and Dayton. The weekly award-winning series features profiles from the worlds of art, music, dance, and theater in our corner of Ohio, along with cultural highlights from across the nation.

I don't know that I have the courage to watch it, lol! 
Thanks for dropping by and please pop back to see what new and hopefully inspiring mischief we will be getting up to this year

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