Friday, August 26, 2016

Week FOUR: Jafagirl Residency at Dayton Metro Library Northwest Branch

The Opportunity Room at the Library became the Meditation Room this week. 
There is something very soothing and meditative about wrapping yarn around a stick. The Harry Lauder sticks seemed popular with adults and children alike and kept even the younger patrons engaged. It was a delight
to sit and chat with several patrons and share stories. Vicky spent more than an hour
with us and delighted us with stories about some of her craft projects. One patron said she was going to add stones to several of the sticks and display them in a basket. There are many ways I have used mine, either spray painted and hung on the wall
to hang art from 
or use for an art photograph to frame
As part of our residency we also gave a talk/slide show and we were just delighted to meet, Jule Rastikis, the President of Board of Directors for the Salem Avenue Peace Corridor. We had contacted them about an idea for their Peace Project, and we are happy that they like it. 

History of the Peace Corridor

Inception and history of the Salem Avenue Peace Corridor

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