Friday, July 15, 2016

How to Make Rain Sticks and Jafagirl Updates

Nancy and I have been working on using the bamboo we cut down to make small sample rain sticks in preparation for our library residency at the Dayton Metro Library Northwest Branch.
summer crafting fun
 You don't need bamboo to make these as this great video tutorial from expertvillage shows, any kind of a tube will do.

Jafagirl Updates
In between jafagirl projects Nancy and I continue working/volunteering at the Yellow Springs Arts Council.
Tonight we will be working at the opening reception for Ann Gayek & Michele BonDurant.
We have just hung two new pieces by Mary J. Cargan and Parvis Dadras in the Yellow Springs Permanent Collection at AUM.

We were excited to have an interview this morning with a reporter, Karen Ander Francis, from the Dayton City Paper regarding our POWA! Blog. 


As if dealing with sexism in the arts isn't enough, older women face another ism that gets little attention, ageism. Older women artists continue to be overlooked, ignored or presumed past their prime or ability.

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