Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Street Art: Blue Felt Butterflies

 We did these back in 2012 and installed them outside Bonadies on Xenia Avenue. It's amazing how well they've lasted. For a few months some were installed at the Dayton Art Institute.
The Merry Dressmaker: Yarn Bombing & Other Fiber and Textile Art at DAI
 then back on Dayton Street for a while.
In 2014 they were displayed in the  Springfield Museum of Art 
Springfield Art Museum
Now they are back on Dayton Street outside 
Atomic Fox (and if you pop in tell the owner you like the blue butterflies and you might just get a discount) I was recently asked by a tour group to Yellow Springs how long the textile installations last. My answer is that it depends on the kind of dye and quality of the yarn or felt. In this case while the blue felt has lost its vibrancy, they are still a pretty blue and in good shape even after 3 years being mostly outdoors through rain, snow and sun. Oh, I forgot, yes Nancy put then through the washing machine once. Still looking good eh!
So if you are visiting Yellow Springs, Ohio keep your eyes open for more blue butterflies. 

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