Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mayhem at the Museum

and the thought of doing an installation was intimidating, especially when I saw the pile of STUFF. We had no schematic drawings of how we were going to do it yikes, BUT as with a lot of things Nancy and I have done, we winged it.  After nearly 8 hours we 
decorated resuscitation doll
painted three chalk trees for visitors to decorate, and Deb Housh (Museum Educator) attached 
the magnetic board for Mr.Plato. Meanwhile 
Springfield Museum of Art
Nancy and I got Felt Man up. Visitors are welcome to attach pieces of felt to him ;)

More work to do today.
Meanwhile a big thanks to everyone at the Springfield Museum of Art
Kathy Moulton for the use of her bench
Talitha Greene for loaning us the fan for display.

cheers all