Saturday, March 22, 2014

Copyright: Jafagirls Images and Artwork

For the most part the Jafagirls have been fairly flexible with our images being shared for public viewing purposes only on social networks such as facebook, pinterest and personal blogs but increasingly we are seeing our images being exploited and offered for free or used for commercial purposes or by others claiming credit or copyright to them.

  Finding this banner online please don't presume it is free to use, it is NOT free.
I know it's lovely and you would love to use it but just ask us. We are more than happy to consider it, and in the bargain we get to promote YOUR project/blog/website or event too.

This is all over pinterest, no problem, but when it is not linked back to us 

we lose traffic to our site and people don't realize that it is for sale. So again, please understand that we love you sharing but linking and attribution is important and respectful.

If you would like to buy this wonderful hat here is a link.
Village Artisans: Who is Topper?

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