Tuesday, February 14, 2017

You Are Never Too Old to Play and Identity

Nancy calls me with a tone of urgency and drama and says she has this idea but will share when I go to her house. I go to her house and there on the living room floor is a pile of clothes and hats, and glasses and she is telling me "let's play dress up" and take pics. Errr! okay Nancy lol! I am always game.
Grandma's can be invisible to the world but they never are to their Grandkids
Can you tell your grandmother loves lace?
These are two of my fave shots and have been incorporated into an art piece called "What is GrandMa Doing" for the Yellow Springs Arts Council "breaking the rules" members show.  Nancy will tell you that some of the poses she was breaking out of self imposed rules, as well as creating an art piece that confronts identity and ageism.
cheers from the Jafagirls who aren't actually girls, but women, or theirs, or whatever the  terminology is au courant at the mo.
Hum! jafatheirs just doesn't' quite cut it.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bosom Buddies Exhibit and Breast Cancer Support

Breast Cancer Exhibit

I have been working on a new website (link above) specifically for our upcoming exhibit Bosom Buddies at the Yellow Springs Arts Council at 111 Corry Street in April 2017. 
Opening Reception will be April 21st 6-9pm
Gallery hours are Wed - Sun 1-4pm

The theme of the exhibit is two friends and invited guests sharing how a diagnosis of breast cancer (including other cancers) affects patients, friends and family. This is an exploration of the creative ways they have dealt with the roller coaster of emotions: of fear, anger, grief, bewilderment, and joy. 

In the gallery we will have a sharing wall in which guests are invited during the month long exhibit to share their artwork, poems,notes and photographs.