Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What a Trifle and Craftbombing Felt Butterflies in the Winter Snow

HAH! Can you believe I won FIRST place for my trifle at the bake off at the Yellow Springs Arts Council. Thank you ever SO MUCH, what a hoot eh! They are super easy to make and very tasty, although I skipped the sherry for the bake off just in case any youngsters were attending. 

Sherry, Pound Cake, Raspberry Jam, Mandarin Oranges, Orange Jello, Birds English Custard Powder, Whole Milk, Whipped Topping, Sprinkles

Slice pound cake into thin slices. Spread jam between two slices and then cut into chunks. Put 2 or three small chunks in bottom of desert dish or clear 8oz cups and sprinkle a little cream sherry on top. Let soak for a wee bit. Top with a few mandarin oranges and then put in a layer of jello. After jello is set, pour on a layer of custard and let set. Before serving add a layer of preferred whipped topping and then add sprinkles. 
That's it.

Here are some yummy variations or a classic.


Winter Wonderland in Yellow Springs
and the felt butterflies look so pretty.

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