Saturday, September 10, 2016

Week SIX: Jafagirl Residency at Dayton Metro Library Northwest Branch

This was our FINAL week of our residency and what a fabulous experience it's been for so many reasons. We even managed to add two more installations on the spur of the moment, on the fly so to speak. We installed this stripey creature on a pole in the children's section on Tuesday and added some of the left over felt flowers some of the patrons made. On Friday we got it into our heads that the pole near the front entrance needed dots, although we did add one square at the suggestion of one of the Library Volunteers ♥ A fab suggestion that made our day and made the pole extra special. 
felt art, craftbombing
The stones and paint pens continued to be popular although some patrons enjoyed trying the crazy felting. The biggest kick for us, and the most exciting, was seeing the spark of inspiration in patrons exploring the 
possibilities of what they could use and do beyond what we were showing. 
Can't go without mentioning the absolutely brilliant send off song from Branch Manager Sharon Taste, as we were packed and ready to leave. So glad we had this time together too.

Nancy & Corrine

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Week FIVE:Jafagirl Residency at Dayton Metro Library Northwest Branch

Sticks and Stones
We had a few people lining up to get into the Opportunity Room this week and what FUN. Our Sticks and Stones sessions were really popular. Patrons as young as 4 were getting into it and we were packed the whole session.
Some of the stones were just adorable.
Hey, we got to PLAY too.
Many patrons got into the spirit of things and went wild decorating spirit sticks.

On our studio time we installed the flower power panel to the post and then got into
the finishing details, adding more flowers over the seam, and an embroidered sign.
The installations are permanent and belong to the library, so people can continue to enjoy them as long as the library wishes to keep them up. A few more tweaks and stitches and we will be done. 

PS. if you have any questions about our projects please don't hesitate to contact us via our contact form to the right.