Friday, August 19, 2016

Mr.Plato and Wheelchair Accessibility Map AXS by Jason DaSilva

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Mr.Plato is hanging out in the Dayton Metro Library Northwest Branch but he is not just a PRETTY face, he has a message for those who rely on a wheelchair to get around. 

Disabled? There's (more than one) app for that.

Jason DaSilva said after he developed multiple sclerosis about 10 years ago, getting out got more complicated. "There were times that I was finding it impossible just to go out and meet a friend at a bar, or have a date," he said, speaking in his apartment in Queens, New York.
Here is a link to the AXS map. The app is free and easy to use, easy to input info onto so you can let others know if a place is accessible. 

community craft activism
Hanging out at the Little Art Theatre
About Mr.Plato
 He is a resuscitation mannequin I picked up at a garage sale in 2009. I drove by Nancy's to show her and as I was driving away she chased after the car waving frantically to stop me. I stopped and she said excitedly "let's FELT him".  He was stretched out on Nancy's dining table for 3 months as we worked on him. Originally we were hoping to use him as part of a street installation but that didn't work out. For a while we played a game of hide and seek and would leave him in various locations around Yellow Springs and then give clues to the public on our blog to his whereabouts. Alas he got kicked out of the Little Art after a couple of weeks because he scared the patrons ;) We also take him on little trips.
wheelchair AXS map info

Pop into the library and say Hello.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation"  Plato

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