Friday, August 26, 2016

Week FOUR: Jafagirl Residency at Dayton Metro Library Northwest Branch

The Opportunity Room at the Library became the Meditation Room this week. 
There is something very soothing and meditative about wrapping yarn around a stick. The Harry Lauder sticks seemed popular with adults and children alike and kept even the younger patrons engaged. It was a delight
to sit and chat with several patrons and share stories. Vicky spent more than an hour
with us and delighted us with stories about some of her craft projects. One patron said she was going to add stones to several of the sticks and display them in a basket. There are many ways I have used mine, either spray painted and hung on the wall
to hang art from 
or use for an art photograph to frame
As part of our residency we also gave a talk/slide show and we were just delighted to meet, Jule Rastikis, the President of Board of Directors for the Salem Avenue Peace Corridor. We had contacted them about an idea for their Peace Project, and we are happy that they like it. 

History of the Peace Corridor

Inception and history of the Salem Avenue Peace Corridor

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Week THREE: Jafagirl Residency at Dayton Metro Library Northwest Branch

Let's just call it what it was;  MAYHEM on 

Tuesday evening, or wait was it Wednesday? It's all become a blur lol! BUT it was GLUE MAYHEM I tell you, MAYHEM! 
Tip: Don't give small children glue bottles
The creativity room was packed, but out of the Glue Mayhem we got some happy patrons and some lovely flowers. So it was all good. 
This was the last week of working on felt flowers so Nancy and I were able to start assembling them. No master plan on how to assemble, so we just winged it. Senior Patron Library Assistant Linda Jackson felt the power of the flower and popped in to give us a hand. Here is a sneak peek of the panel which will be installed on one of the posts in the library. 
felt craft
We did manage to get the blue felt butterflies up this week, yay!
felt crafts
Next week it's yarn wrapping Harry Lauder Sticks and making knit twits.
"Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try" - Dr. Seuss

Friday, August 19, 2016

Mr.Plato and Wheelchair Accessibility Map AXS by Jason DaSilva

felt craft activism
Mr.Plato is hanging out in the Dayton Metro Library Northwest Branch but he is not just a PRETTY face, he has a message for those who rely on a wheelchair to get around. 

Disabled? There's (more than one) app for that.

Jason DaSilva said after he developed multiple sclerosis about 10 years ago, getting out got more complicated. "There were times that I was finding it impossible just to go out and meet a friend at a bar, or have a date," he said, speaking in his apartment in Queens, New York.
Here is a link to the AXS map. The app is free and easy to use, easy to input info onto so you can let others know if a place is accessible. 

community craft activism
Hanging out at the Little Art Theatre
About Mr.Plato
 He is a resuscitation mannequin I picked up at a garage sale in 2009. I drove by Nancy's to show her and as I was driving away she chased after the car waving frantically to stop me. I stopped and she said excitedly "let's FELT him".  He was stretched out on Nancy's dining table for 3 months as we worked on him. Originally we were hoping to use him as part of a street installation but that didn't work out. For a while we played a game of hide and seek and would leave him in various locations around Yellow Springs and then give clues to the public on our blog to his whereabouts. Alas he got kicked out of the Little Art after a couple of weeks because he scared the patrons ;) We also take him on little trips.
wheelchair AXS map info

Pop into the library and say Hello.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation"  Plato

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Week TWO: Jafagirl Residency at Dayton Metro Library Northwest Branch

Charlie with her Flower 
Residency Notes: Week two and we were are not quite as exhausted. We are finding we have to rethink some of our public drop in project ideas after the flower making session is done as they seem rather ambitious given the time constraints as well as age diversity of our drop in library patrons. Our next challenge is trying to figure out how to install the felt flowers in a cohesive way given the different styles and colours. 
On the way out to put up the felt butterflies up in the children's outdoor area we pass the children's reading area. It stopped me in my tracks it's so beautiful and heck do we have to be a kid to sit in this area.  lol. 

WE also installed a rather large plaster cast nose on the wall, the theme being 
"get your nose stuck in a book". 
we finished putting up the felt cafe installation meant to complement Virginia Kistler's gorgeous Ceiling Installation.
 For more info about the library and events, and our open studio times please visit the link below.

Northwest Branch Library

The first step in making the Northwest Library a reality began with conversations with the Library patrons, neighbors and neighborhood groups, and partners including the Phoenix Group, Salem Avenue Business District, and Dayton Public Schools. The shared vision was a 21st century facility that would be a neighborhood anchor and greater Dayton destination, celebrating the site's rich history.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Week ONE: Jafagirl Residency at Dayton Metro Library Northwest Branch

Our first week of a 6 week residency and we were exhausted, but it had more to do with carting two car loads of supplies etc, and my car deciding it doesn't want to have air conditioning, arg!

Explore Craft Activism with the JafaGirls

The Jafagirls are Corrine Bayraktaroglu and Nancy Mellon, mischievous creators of public art. From August 1 through September 10, they are the artists-in-residence at the Northwest Branch of the Dayton Metro Library, 2410 Philadelphia Drive in Dayton. During their residence at the Library, they will offer community drop-in hours with ongoing collaborative projects for all ages.
The library is gorgeous, the staff are wonderful, and the creative space is a dream. Love talking to the public and answering questions, although many parents thought we would be doing traditional crafts or teaching crochet or sewing. 
Dayton Metro Library Northwest Branch
Our focus is on doing crafts that are used in a non traditional way, like yarnbombing. The first 3 weeks we are working with the library patrons on flowers that we will incorporate into a installation in the children's area of the library. Meanwhile on our closed studio time Nancy and I are getting several projects going. This is next to the cafe near the entrance and 
we will try to cover as much as the pole that we can reach. The black and white felt motif is meant to compliment the beautiful ceiling installation by Virginia Kistler in the cafe.
As per my usual mischief it goes without saying that this will happen.
We would have put more butterflies in the play area outside but the heat got too much.
Hats next week AND an air conditioned car.