Saturday, March 10, 2012

Archive:Hairy Mary at Bryan Community Center Gallery

in Yellow Springs, Ohio
as part of the
RECEPTION March 17th more info HERE
The Jafagirls would like to thank the Bryan Center for allowing women to have a voice and hosting Women’s Voices Out Loud.
We couldn’t think of a more appropriate event and month (Women’s History Month)  to share Hairy Mary in honor of Mary Wollstonecraft,  a pioneer and advocate for women’s rights and  wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Woman in 1792. 
Hairy Mary Hairy Mary is a work in progress and is a Protest Mannequin.   She stands for a women’s right to be perfect just the way they are.
“One person’s expression of what it means to be human is for someone else the manifestation of something so repugnant or offensive it must be removed or destroyed.” 
-Jennifer Higgie, The Art Newspaper, “Free Speech”, June-August 2011
As reported in the Yellow Springs News complaints of obscenity by village employees